11 October, 2015

Mark your calendars for October 18th!

That's right. We've got a tentative release date for The Bowman's Inn: Autumn anthology, and it's 18 October 2015. I'm super excited for having been a part of this anthology, and not just writing for it. I was able to help out with proof reading, and got to see everyone's finished products, read in their entirety, in the order we've arranged for publication.

I have to say I am thrilled and amazed at the talent that's been pulled together for this collection. Everyone's put in tons of hard work, and I'm excited to say that the final product is one you folks will enjoy.

To give you an idea of what to expect, we have a lot of werewolves and shapeshifters, Greek gods, and Average Joes. There's something for everyone, especially if you're looking for a little romance...!

The leaves are turning red and gold in the city of Anteros. All Hallows Eve opens the gate between the worlds of fantasy and reality. Anything could happen as you look for your Soul Mate. And of course there will be a costume party at The Bowman's Inn. The bartender, Valentine Archer, will know just what you need. He not only looks like a Greek god, he used to be one. Cupid prefers to be called Val these days. But he still knows how to bring people together. 
Eight authors have combined their talent to bring you a collection of tales with romance, mystery and maybe a little humor. The delightful short stories feature characters who own or operate the facilities of the Bowman’s Inn or are just passing through. Whatever the case, Cupid has a way to help each of them find what their hearts require.

The Bowman's Inn: Spring
The Bowman's Inn: Summer
So while you set your alarms for Sunday, October 18th in anticipation, you can also check out the first two anthologies in the collection.

I've read these, and loved them, and can say they are perfect little short reads for the commute to work, break times, and that 15 minutes of downtime you want to spend reading something but don't want to get engrossed in a novel.

You can easily read through Spring and Summer to get ready for Autumn!

Chat at you follks soon! And enjoy the reading :)

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