22 February, 2015

What dreams may come . . .

One of my favourite things about being a writer is dreaming. Not day dreaming, mind you, but dreaming-dreaming. I've had several stories originate from dreams, inspired by my unbiased subconsciousness, which puts me on a lead for a potentially magnificent original story.

My Appalachian Dream Tales started this way, and so did Uncertain Heirs, and now it looks like I have another story percolating from a dream I had yesterday while taking a nap. Right now I'm tentatively calling it Tragedy of Ice, and it will be a sci-fi story set somewhere between 2020CE and 2030CE. I'll let you know more as my outline progresses, but for now I plan to make it this year's NaNoWriMo event. :)

In the meanwhile, I hope you all are enjoying the newly released Evening Hallow. :)

Catch you later!

01 February, 2015

Evening Hallow is now available for pre-order!

Whew! What a tireless two weeks I've had, getting Evening Hallow finished and ready for upload to Amazon, and also recoding Thoroughbred to include a sample -- that's right, and if you've bought Thoroughbred in the past, you should be able to sync your Kindle for the updated version! :)

I'm so very, very excited to have this next short story ready on time. I wanted to publish it on the anniversary of Thoroughbred, but it looks like Evening Hallow will be able to come out a little bit sooner -- just in time for Valentine's Day!

Also, I've taken things one step further -- Thoroughbred is available now through Smashwords, and Evening Hallow is available for pre-order there, too. Now those of you who don't have Kindle, but have other readers, can purchase copies, as well.

I hope you all enjoy! And please, if you love what you read, consider leaving feedback on both Amazon and Smashwords. Thank you!


Ash Litton

Ash Litton is a writer and lover of sci-fi, fantasy, and all things fictional. She is the author of Thoroughbred, Evening Hallow, Comeuppance, and Cabover Cabaret, and works on other Appalachian Dream Tales between her ongoing novel projects. She's also written No Diet, No Surgery, No Sweat, an ebook chronicling her weight-loss journey.

When she's not writing, she's drawing, and when she's not doing either of those, she's dreaming up new projects to work on. Born and raised in rural West Virginia, Ash has always wondered what things lay hidden in the hills around her. She attended West Virginia University, where she studied the English language before returning home to her family in rural West Virginia.