26 September, 2013

How many?

I'm making a new goal for myself to read at least 25-30 books a year, with no limit on short stories.

So far, I estimate I've read eleven books, and about 30 short stories (most of which are by H.P. Lovecraft) this year.

How about you? How many stories do you try to read at a time, or do you even have a monthly/yearly goal?


  1. For picture books, I try to read 5 new books per week, which is actually VERY low, considering how short PBs are.

    As far as novels, I never set a goal, but that's probably because I'm not trying to write a novel. I probably average 0.5 novels per year, but since July, I've read about 4 novels. I think 25-30 novels a year is amazing! Wow, just imagine the inspiration you can take away from reading that much!

    1. Oddly enough, I wasn't thinking of the inspiration I would draw, but rather that I was disappointed in myself for not reading *more*. I mean, I'm writing a novel, I love to read, and yet I've hardly read anything since high school.



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