19 June, 2013

What a silly catch

So, as a status update, I'm on Chapter 8 of 12 of my edits. Yup, I'm on that grand, downward slope towards the end of my 2nd draft. Since I took that break in between drafts, I've had the fresh eyes to catch my silly mistakes before I upload the chapters to a critiquing website for input from others, and I'm rather happy I did this look first.

I've caught two silly mistakes, quite often repeated, as far as spelling choice. Reign and rein, for instance -- I'm dealing with nobles, so both words get used in Uncertain Heirs, but I noticed my common mistake: "The chauffeur reigned reined in the horses". For whatever reason, I always substituted reign where it didn't need to be.

My other weird, yet consistent mistake, was writing lead in place of past tense led every. Single. Time. I know the difference, I really do, but for some reason I wrote it wrong -- but I did it consistently, which fascinates me beyond measure.

This, folks, is the perfect reason for why you should take three to four weeks rest in-between drafts. Fresh eyes catch the silly mistakes, and save you from the "OMG! I should have caught this" embarrassment of having others read it and catch it for you.

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