27 June, 2013

The silence, 'tis deafening

Unlike before, when I forced myself to take a break between the first draft and the second, I do not have novel-related things to work on to keep me occupied. I have three-four weeks to kill, and so far I have crickets chirping as if to cheer my lack of productivity. I mean, I have written a first-draft query letter, but that's gotta sit now, too.

I suppose I could do more character biographies, just so I know where they've come from and where they're going. I will take suggestions if anyone has any! :)


  1. Yeah, you could work on character biographies, but I'd think that would be dangerous. What if you completely revamp their life story? Would it lead you to want to change a large chunk of the story?

    I've read articles that suggest writers let their work sit, but still read other works for inspiration that might help during revisions. So,you could always read something else. Even if it's just short stories or something random.

    1. I did the majority of my main characters' biographies between the first and second draft, and just knowing the changes I made between those two drafts would have made me hesitant to work on their biographies now. So I can understand what you mean (because I did completely revamp one character's life story).

      I'm focusing on the secondary characters this time around, just to flesh out their rhymes and reasons for their involvement, which will be helpful should I choose to expand my novel into a series. The benefit, I've noticed, is that the biographies have brought up cultural points that fill in the blanks that have been plaguing me. For instance, I now know why some characters only have one parent!

      I will take your advice and just read some other works once I finish the biographies that I started. I've been meaning to read some more Terry Pratchett books. ;)



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