05 March, 2014

Is romance ever simple?

At least as a writing genre, I don't think it should be. I'm envious of the writers who can sit down and write out a short story romance where the characters get together without issue. Me, on the other hand, I have this penchant for turning a simple romance into a complex tale, usually involving characters from different walks of life. I suppose that's bound to happen when your preferred genre is paranormal. ^_~

Anyway, I'm drawing to a close on my latest short story, a paranormal romance titled "Evening Hallow". This one may or may not end up in a compilation with Thoroughbred and some other short stories that I've got in the works. Who knows, I may save it for later and push forward with the ones I've currently got out for critiques.

Oh, and don't forget -- Thoroughbred is now available for purchase through Amazon Kindle. I even added a link off to the side on the main page to make it easier for you guys to find. :) Enjoy!

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Ash Litton

Ash Litton is a writer and lover of sci-fi, fantasy, and all things fictional. She is the author of Thoroughbred, Evening Hallow, Comeuppance, and Cabover Cabaret, and works on other Appalachian Dream Tales between her ongoing novel projects. She's also written No Diet, No Surgery, No Sweat, an ebook chronicling her weight-loss journey.

When she's not writing, she's drawing, and when she's not doing either of those, she's dreaming up new projects to work on. Born and raised in rural West Virginia, Ash has always wondered what things lay hidden in the hills around her. She attended West Virginia University, where she studied the English language before returning home to her family in rural West Virginia.