12 July, 2013

Labelling accomplishments

I've always been curious how others define themselves in the literary world. Are they "writers" or "authors"? Does one have to come before the other? Is there a specific criterion that someone must have in order to go from one to the other?

Personally, when people ask what I do, I find myself answering "I'm writing a book". I wonder if, once I have published Uncertain Heirs, my answer will change to "I write books" or if I will make it a prideful announcement of "I'm an author"? I wonder if there'll be a difference for me, or if it will even matter?

Does it matter to you now/will it matter what your label is?


  1. If you write you ARE a writer. Do or Do Not, There is No Try! It's acceptable to say you're writing a book. but don't sell yourself short. You are a writer. It ha nothing to do with publishing. :)

    1. You just gave the best answer of all day :)



Ash Litton

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