26 March, 2013

More things inspirational

I think I'll let the Boss highlight the ideas for revisionary work. Even though he refers to screenplays, the principle can be applied to novels and short stories and so on....

Joss Whedon’s Top 10 Writing Tips


  1. On his list (and of course, I don't write screenplays but...) I have the most trouble with finishing stuff. Usually because I think, "This story isn't good enough", so I stop. I probably have 4 or 5 picture book stories that are 75% finished. I really need to keep going and see where they take me.

    Good link, though. He gives good advice :)

    1. The story I'm writing now, Uncertain Heirs, is only 75% complete. That's because I finished chapter 9, then decided to put in the supernatural aspect. It was, literally, the missing piece of the mystery in my novel. I can't finish without the paranormal factor, so I've gone back to work it in throughout the first 9 chapters. It also allows me to lay more groundwork and hints towards the outcome. I suspect by the time I've done all of that, I will have the completed novel. Then, and only then, will I really be able to work on the other suggestions Joss made.



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