Earth Dog Cycle

Uncertain Heirs

Fredderick is a Wappenrock – one of the gentry who can wear the skin of animals. He is also the heir apparent of Kaiserreich, a peaceful state on the eastern coast of North America where titles of nobility are not merely inherited, but sold along with their entailed estates.

And now his legacy is in doubt. When he discovers his family is in the debt of a man who would be Kaiser, Fredderick must consent to an arranged marriage or risk losing his family's titles. Unwilling to accept this fate, Fredderick agrees to take a bride.

But with just one year and one day to lay claim to the throne, he soon finds politics, tradition, and a failing harvest keep getting in the way. Only time will tell if he survives the season, let alone the assassins . . ..

Release Date: 31 October 2018

Appalachian Dream Tales


Callahan Rosenschwanz is a unicorn cursed to live in a human body, much like his ancestors before him. When Cal chooses to break from tradition and marry a human woman, his clan shows what lengths they're willing to go to just to keep his marriage from happening.

Release Date: 16 February 2014

Evening Hallow

For Caroline, the resident witch doctor of Evening Hallow, WV, everything has a price. When she can't do good without evil, evil without good -- when she has to live in a constant state of neutrality, it's impossible to consider her own wants and desires. 

That is, until Caroline takes an unusual interest in Matthew, a man who's been warned to never make contact with her. Will Caroline's pride stand in her way, or will she discover the price of a kiss?

Release Date: 14 February 2015


After a premonition warns her of a great, rising evil, Lady Hurst knows she has to do something – but to fight evil on the side of good, she must first do a great evil. As the resident witch doctor of Arthurfield, WV, she is tasked with keeping her role in the world as neutral as possible.

So when a grieving mother comes calling with her ghostly son, Jacob, in tow, Lady Hurst accepts the contract to exact revenge. Her problem now, though, is that Jacob has taken up residence in Lady Hurst's townhouse, and he's equally eager to do his murderer in. Should Jacob become corporeal before Lady Hurst can complete her contract, she may find the stakes are higher than she can handle . . .

Release Date: 12 February 2016

Cabover Cabaret

In his first day on the job, Thomas Wilson learns the ins and outs of Discreet Movers, a company that caters to a certain type of clientele. His partner, Reggy Cazenove, not only knows the business, he's exactly the type they serve: a weretiger with enough centuries under his belt that he's been around the block and then some.

Speaking of blocks, their client of the hour lives in the suburbs of Arthurfield, WV, a known haven for blood magicians, shield maidens, water sprites, and—deadliest of all—the gods' servants on earth: Ladies. Between their missing client, eccentric neighbours, and a pizza delivery, Thomas is getting a crash course in the preternatural while it's up to Reggy to keep him safe.

The only hitch now: their missing client. So with only their wits and a lot of patience, Thomas and Reggy settle in for the strangest night of their lives . . ..

Release Date: 10 February 2017