About the Author

Ash Litton was born in a self-described middle of nowhere located seven minutes from everywhere. When she was four, her parents gave her her first library card, which helped introduce her to every children's book imaginable. From an early age, she loved spinning and listening to stories -- one of her fondest memories was the summer her sister spent reading aloud a chapter a night of Deep Trouble by R. L. Stein. Of course, this led Ash to prove she could also read an entire book on her own, and she spent the next summer reading The Beast From The East cover to cover.

Later, Ash found her way into the fandoms of Transformers and various animes, made all the more accessible by the internet. The world of fan fiction was her first foray into producing prose of serious length and scope, and was where she discovered her love of writing. That love has carried her all the way through college to today, where she's now working toward publishing her own, original stories.

She's since set herself the goal of putting her English degree to good use by becoming a full-time writer. Currently, Ash is working on Uncertain Heirs, a paranormal romance; Tragedy of Ice, a dystopian sci-fi; and The Queen of Seasons, an urban fantasy quintet; but she also has smaller projects in rotation. She recently published her first short stories in her Appalachian Dream Tales series, an ongoing collection of urban fantasy short stories of varying sub-genres.

Her influences include Jim Butcher, Neil Gaiman, Laurell K. Hamilton, HP Lovecraft, Sir Terry Pratchett, and JK Rowling.